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Ohio Valley Brainspotting

What is Brainspotting (BSP)?

Brainspotting is a powerful, focused technique discovered by psychologist David Grand, Ph.D. in 2003.  Basically, every emotional, physical, and mental state is represented by a “spot” in your visual field. When you focus on these “spots,” it allows your system to successfully identify, process, and release core sources of physical/emotional pain, trauma, and a variety of other challenging symptoms that are out of reach of the conscious mind.

What is Focal Dystonia (FD)?

Dystonia is a type of involuntary and undesired muscular contraction or twisting. “Focal” dystonia affects a muscle or group of muscles in a specific part of the body and involves the loss of control of trained repetitive movements. Musician’s or Athletic Focal Dystonia (also called the “yips”) is when dystonic symptoms occur while playing a musical instrument, singing, or while performing specific tasks in a particular activity or sport. The three common types of focal dystonia are: Hand/Foot, Embouchure, and Vocal Chord. Focal dystonia can be a manifestation of unresolved physical, mental, and emotional trauma.

Ohio Valley Brainspotting (BSP)

At Ohio Valley Brainspotting, David Ciucevich offers live private Brainspotting sessions online, world-wide, to allow musicians and athletes to resolve and release their focal dystonia and rediscover the joy of performance (and life).

David Ciucevich had Musicians Focal Dystonia for 30 years and tried many techniques to resolve it. David resolved his own Musician’s Focal Dystonia working with Ruth Chiles and was the first person trained by Ruth to use her “Focal Dystonia Cure” process.

David completed Brainspotting (BSP) Phases 4 and 3 (Dr. David Grand), Phase 2 (Dr. Mark Grixti), Phase 1 (Sue Pinco and Deb Antinori), and specialized BSP trainings, including “Mindful Co-Regulating in Relationships” (Cherie Lindberg) and “From Freeze to Thaw” (Serene Calkins and Mary Jane O’Rourke). David is also a Certified Hypnotist with the Master Hypnotist Society and the National Guild of Hypnotists. He enjoys a varied, fulfilling life and career with a diverse portfolio of talents (multi-instrumentalist, operatic tenor, educator, musicologist, and therapist) throughout Northeast Ohio, the US, and the world.

Want to see how Brainspotting can help you? We offer a FREE screening to determine if Brainspotting is right for you and if you can be accepted into one of our programs. Email to learn more!

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