The Hypnosis Show Podcast with Robbie Spier Miller

Episode 18: How To Let Go Of Performance Anxiety Through Learning Music & Hypnosis

Many of us live with a great deal of performance anxiety. It can seem that figuring everything out in your head is the only way to learn, grow, and be successful. This often leads to tremendous stress, fear, and self-doubt. In this episode, you’ll discover: – How practicing real-life skills like music can help you get out of your head, learn more efficiently, increase self-esteem, and more rationally respond to reality. – How to use hypnosis to let go of performance anxiety. – How to feel safe while learning from and modeling others.

July 2021: Internation Clarinet Association’s ClarinetFest 2021


David Ciucevich: “Hypnosis for Clarinetists (and Those Who Love Them): Reduce Stress and Alleviate Stage Fright!”

Performances, school, or Life got you stressed out?!? What if you could learn some simple techniques through hypnosis and breathwork to help you “blow through” stage fright and reduce stress? In this fun, informative, and experiential presentation, you’ll learn to incorporate these powerful techniques to quickly and easily perform at your best in all situations!

Collaborators: Shannon Keyes Ciucevich, assistant

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